Firecracker Software proudly announces Wordimals, a game that challenges you to rapid-fire themed word searches. In the new Wordimals Creator Update, you can make your own levels and publish them instantly to players worldwide! The game is available FREE for iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Join the Wordimals and help them achieve their dreams! Joe the Sloth wants to go fast. Amelia the Penguin wants to fly. Hank is... well, Hank. Tens of hours of gameplay await you in the massive single player campaign. If that's not enough, play limitless community creations or share your own custom levels with friends, family, and players from all over the world - even if they've never installed the game before.

Official trailer:

Wordimals does things differently:

  • Choose your path. Wordimals's single player campaign can be completed in any order, making it accessible to new players and puzzle veterans alike.
  • Over 300 hand-crafted levels included, playable offline. You can play Wordimals on your long plane trip and still have hours left to finish when you land.
  • Themed challenges. Unlike the randomness of boggle-style games, Wordimals puzzles are more akin to trivia.
  • Keep moving! There are no lives or death counters here. Beat the clock to earn extra coins (used for hints) or turn on no-fail mode to play at your own pace.
  • NEW: An endless supply of new puzzles to play, created by players just like you! Make your own Wordimals puzzle packs using the brilliantly fast and easy level editor. You can even share your levels with people in a text, tweet, or Facebook message and they can play instantly. For example, this "Pokemon Gen2" puzzle pack won our first creator contest:


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